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Global Yoga Accessories Market Outlook in 2026

Yoga is a methodical effort toward self-perfection through developing talent potential on the physical, vital, mental, intellectual, and spiritual levels. It was first devised by the rishis and sages of ancient India and has been maintained by a stream of living teachers ever since, who have continually adapted this science to every generation. Yoga Accessories help practitioners of all levels to gain the sensitivity of yoga poses while receiving the benefits and not overdoing it. The recent publication, named Global Yoga Accessories Market Outlook, 2026, studies about this aiding props market at global level, segmented into by product type (Mats, Clothing, Straps, Blocks & others) and by sales channel (Online & Offline). The market is divided into 5 major regions and 19 countries, market potential studied considering the Covid impact.

Even though yoga had already gained its popularity across the world, there was a hype post the introduction of Yoga Day, in 2015 as mandated by the United Nations after Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's speech in 2014. This hype also made it possible for the yoga accessories market to reach a value of USD 10498.56 Million in the year 2015 itself. As the world suffered at the hands of Covid, yoga came as a rescue, playing a significant role in the psycho-social care and rehabilitation of patients in quarantine and isolation, particularly helping them in allaying their fears and anxiety. With the increasing understanding of the health benefits of yoga, more people are expected to be practicing yoga in the coming years. People are likely to be purchasing branded yoga accessories even if they really won't have any necessity, just to publicize on social media. This growing tendency to gain more likes of social media will also be an indirect factor for the market growth, allowing the overall market to reach a growth rate of 12.10%.

Accessories are used to improve yoga posture, increase movement and extend stretches. Popular yoga accessories include a yoga strap, D-ring strap, cinch strap, and pinch strap. Additional props include mats, blocks, pillows, blankets, etc. The global market is ruled majorly by yoga mats and yoga clothing segments. These two segments account for a share of more than 90% in the market since 2015. The yoga straps accounted for the least of the market share, considering the low knowledge about the same. Straps are mainly used for stretching so that users achieve a wide range of motion. Yoga mats and blocks can be used with straps so that users change their positions more easily and have gentler contact with the floor. By the end of the forecasted period, the strap segment is likely to be crossing a value of USD 648.50 Million.

Majorly classified into two segments of Online and Offline sales channels, the market is led by the online sales channel segment. Fitness products, such as yoga mats, yoga socks, wheels, sandbags, etc. are abundantly available in a specialty store; as such stores focus more on increasing their sales, in terms of volume, as compared to supermarkets. Consumers are willing to invest heavily in these premium products due to factors like superior quality and durability. This is to allow the offline market segment to be growing at an anticipated CAGR of 11.80%.

Post time: Oct-08-2021